Can you feel my life or is that another lie that we can
slip into. Are you red blue green or just another rusted
Gear softly under a blonde wig and plate-sized lensed eyes

Aimless congeniality speeds by on a shiny price.
Slips of time measure into this and it's 5 AM,
I haven't slept and do you still feel me or is that just

Game we play to convince our machines that there is
nothing wrong. Geared lines shift through chemical impurities
But feel so right when you force them in.

Excercise the
Concrete maze and find cracks of grass
In your heart and we still believe that forward is under the yellow cloud.

The roar and purr of metal cats quicken the hunt aimlessly
In space like a group of comets burning in the air of our breath.
Is that us baby or are we stars shining in electric prisons.
The 18x pulls in the chill wind but I'm still warm by your light.
All material written by InEnnui. To promote constructive criticism, please don't be afraid to message me any suggestions or pointers.

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