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A standard driving procedure in which one travels into the neighboring lane at short notice. The way to do this is to swerve to the left (or right) until the respective front wheel is close to the center of the lane. At that point, turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction in order to center. The philosphy behind this is that while you are centering (by steering opposite,) your car still travels in the original direction and ends up right in the center of the intended lane.

Since every car steers and handles different, this is something to be practiced at low velocity at first. When you are able to do this on the interstate, learn to do it in curves. It just might save you one day. Oh - if you drive an SUV, ignore the above, SUV's can't do safe emergency lane changes above 35 miles per hour.

I thank Rancid Pickle for the US.gov SUV speed-safety reference

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