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I was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1981 at 12:00 noon, midsummer
Right now I'm living it up in Athens GA, home of REM, UGA, Blue Sky Coffee, Harry Bissets, the smallest and liveliest electronic music scene on the east coast and of course the lovely and dazzling O-Swirl.

I haven't been noding much lately, but certain realizations re-convinced me of the importance of a maintained humane global database. I'm also the frustrated employee of a failing company, which leaves me with a LOT of free time.

My passions are music, visual art (esp. impressionist and cubist), literature and exploring the gift of everyday life when you're with the one you love. All time favorite artists/bands are Richard D. James, Tom Waits, Coltrane, Bach, Pulp and Pink Floyd. I've got some older music of my own at I'll upload more recent stuff soon, the only track on there I'm sorta proud of is Disruption 2.

Noders I deeply respect: Templeton (who I thought was on here a long time ago,) Myrmidion, Birdonmyshoulder*, ToasterLeavings, The Alchemist, Nailbunny, TheFez, Pseudo_Intellectual, Nine9, Girlface, JessicaPierce, Byzantine (and a bunch of others, but I'm sleepy. Hugs and hot cocoa to all.)

:High Scores
How to fight and not get your ass kicked - C! 77
Ten reasons why creation scientists don't believe in evolution - C! 67
How to use your geek skills to get the girl - C! 33

If you want to contact me, my AIM nick is El Phedex and my email is

Nodeshells I would like to see filled in a graceful fashion:

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The Anticipation of Regret
Fuck the unsuspecting public
Stop asking questions that don't matter anyway
Graceful nodeshells are like beautiful coffins

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Epic of Gilgamesh
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Claims to relative Fame

Borrowing Byzantine's dancin' shoes...
Leaving Templeton with only a sleeping bag and deserted phone number...
Populating Mitzi's lap in WonkoDSane's loaded back seat...
Watching Discofever play with JessicaPierce's kitten...

Yes, you too can hang out with the cool kids and pretend you have a life! Orangize a noder gathering today!

My porn name is Helmut Brockton, in case you care