1. Make a list of VW garages, hobby shops and graveyards on your path BEFORE you leave.

2. You brought an extra longblock, right?

3. To find a place to do your repairs, (other than the Interstate Rest Stop) look for VW ads in "The Thrifty Nickel" or "The Penny Saver" and other cheap local classifieds. Call every number that has a VW for sale, you WILL find that one nut who will let you drop your engine in his lawn and might even get you high. Beware of regular dealers, Pink Boys and CONSPIRACY DUPES.

4. When the State Trooper comes up to you while your engine sits on the Interstate shoulder, you will only be there for another hour or two. "C'mon, ociffer, there isn't much to this engine anyway."

5. ALWAYS carry twice as much oil as you expect to use and ALWAYS carry a full set of seals, carb cleaner, etc.

6. NEVER let them search the bus. 99% of the time police officers have no justifiable cause to search you. If you're in the middle of nowhere, remind them that your big city lawyers can put a dent in their local law enforcement budget. Explain to the nice police officer that you'd have to be crazy to transport contraband across state lines and that we could ALL save some time and money if you just let us go.

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