A 1991 release for the PC from Nintendo and HiTek Expressions. It's not a game, but a paint program that features clip art of characters from the Super Mario Brothers universe based on a 256 color pallate. Requires DOS 5.0 and comes on a 5.25" floppy disk. It did not run from within Windows 3.1 when I had it, so I doubt it would like Windows 95, et al.

It's a simple program and can generate a number of documents based on various templates, including banners, invitations, greeting cards, signs, and posters. The user just has to plug in text and graphics of Mario, Luigi, and friends.

Characters included in the clip art set include...

There are a number of built-in fonts available for text customization, and a variety of different borders are included for further creative works. The program is non-expandable. What ya see is what ya get.

This program is unique because it is the first (and so far, only) authorized computer paint program with the popular Nintendo mascot and his friends. If you can find this program and get it to run on your computer, it's worth checking out at least for the nostalgia factor.

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