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In Super Mario Bros. games, Lakitu is a turtle who rides on a cloud above the playing area and throws eggs at Mario - the eggs break and reveal Spinys when they hit something.

In Super Mario Kart, he's also responsible for showing the lights at the beginning of the race, and fishing you from the water in case you get to too deep spot.

Lakitu first appeared in Super Mario Brothers (and later in Super Mario Brothers Deluxe) where he first performed his trademark spiny-toss. He returned in Super Mario Brothers 3 (and, again, later in Super Mario Advance 4) where he continued to toss spinys, but also green spiny eggs that would only bounce repeatedly instead of hatching. He returned in Super Mario World (and it's Game Boy Advance port Super Mario Advance 2) and this time around Mario and Luigi could stomp him and steal his cloud. Lakitu was also seen fishing from his cloud using a 1-up for bait. He was also seen operating his spiny toss from pipes. Before Lakitu learned to master the clouds he hid behind ledges in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (and it's GBA rendition Super Mario Advance 3) where he tosses spinys with amazing accuracy. In fact, a little target X would appear where the spiny was to land. Super Mario 64 saw him controlling the camera, and in the Super Mario Kart series he's seen holding the stoplight and the Lap # signs.

In the Super Mario Brothers comics Lakitu is seen as a sneaky thief. He steals all sorts of things from Bowser and hides them in his cloud. However, since he's such a suck up to the Koopa Troop, Bowser never suspects that the loyal Lakitu could be a thief. At one point Lakitu even manages to steal Luigi's clothes and dons the green hat, but because Lakitu is being so nice to Luigi, he doesn't even notice.

I always knew Mario was the smarter brother.

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