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The third classic remake of a past Super Mario Brothers game for Game Boy Advance from Nintendo. This time around it's Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island that gets the portable treatment, and the game stays direct to its roots. The game is a direct port - everything from its older brother is included, plus the Mario Brothers game that's been featured in Super Mario Advance and Super Mario Advance 2 is also along for the ride (again with multiplayer mode). As for additions to the main game itself, six new secret levels have been added plus expect to hear the Yoshi grunts, whines, and cries that were introduced in Yoshi's Story for the Nintendo 64.

Expert players are also treated to a new ending. Players who earn 6,000 points (that is, a perfect score on every level) see a screen full of frolicking Yoshis, along with a message that you are the nth Yoshi to visit Yoshi's Island, where n = the number of lives spent during the course of the game.

The game was released in September 2002 and is therefore easy to find in stores.


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