Encyc, also known as Encyclopedia Nova Caesarea, is an online collaborative encyclopedia-like reference work, which appeared online in August 2007 or thereabout. The creator and operator of the site is known by his nicknames "Emperor" or "Auggie".

The site, a wiki, was originally run under a PmWiki platform, but is now working under a MediaWiki platform. It provides an alternative to other more popular yet more confused sites (such as Wikipedia or Citizendium). Because it has appeared more recently than the aforementioned sites, it enjoys less participants and readers, but also carries less risks in regards to copyright infringement and computer crimes.

While the creator of the site maintains that the main purpose of the site is to be a reference work, other kinds of work have been accepted, such as blog-like entries, snippets, or pages about things which would be generally considered uninteresting or non-mainstream, similarly to what happens on Everything2. It is unclear whether a neutral tone is required for every page or not.


* Encyc MediaWiki, the MediaWiki platform of Encyc

* Encyc PmWiki, the PmWiki platform of Encyc, now kept mostly for historical interest

* Encyc Forum, the forum associated to the site


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