The Upbeats are a group from Wellington, New Zealand formed by two people, Jeremy G. (nicknamed "Terror Snake") and Dylan J. (nicknamed "Downie Wolf"), who produce drum and bass, dubstep and breakbeat music.

They have been making music together since 1999 circa. They became full time DJs and producers in 2004. They regularly have tours around the world and own a recording label, called "Non Vogue".

They have released three albums so far: "The Upbeats", "Nobody’s Out There", and "Big Skeleton", with additional material released on Virus Recordings, Bad Taste Recordings, and Soul:r.

In 2010 they are expected to release remixes for New Zealand electronica live acts Shapeshifter and Minuit. Other plans for 2010 include new original singles to be released on Virus Recordings and Lifted Music, and an EP of Big Skeleton remixes by artists such as Hive, Gridlok, Break on their Non Vogue label.

Examples of music

*Big Skeleton

*Nobody's Out There

*The city that sleeps

*Bad Company - Bullet Time (remix)

*Creep Out with Noisia

External links

*The Upbeats, official site

*The Upbeats at Rolldabeats

*The Upbeats at Discogs

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