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Eric Arthur Hammer, better known by his nom de plume Doc Hammer, is an American artist. He is best known for his role in creating the Cartoon Network program "The Venture Bros".

Born in New London, Connecticut on February 2, 1976, Hammer had a relatively unremarkable (and therefore unreported) childhood. His career in art was born with his enrollment at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where he studied pottery, to drop out early into his higher education. For the short period of time that he did attend college, however, he boarded with comic book artist Benjamin Edlund, through whom he met Christopher McCulloch, with whom he later created "The Venture Bros."

Already, so early in his biography, details get hazy. Sometime after college Hammer married German Expressionist filmmaker Lisa Merendino, with whom he played in the Gothic rock group Requiem in White, and then, in 1995, formed Mors Syphilitica. Hammer and his wife divorced in 2002, and so went the way of the band; since then he has joined Madison Strays. In 2003, Christopher McCulloch approached Hammer with an offer for a position as an editor and writer on his pre-production television show project "The Venture Brothers", which Hammer accepted. Hammer still writes and edits "The Venture Brothers", and even voices the characters Dr. Girlfriend, Henchman #21, and Master Billy Quizboy for it.

Doc Hammer's most absolute passion is painting. He was never formally educated in it, but has become fairly successful with his work, displaying it on numerous occasions at the Arcadia Fine Arts Gallery, and achieving great popularity on deviantART.com. His trademark is the woman in a brassiere, which he paints in what some have described as an "academic" style; Hammer regards this description as ignorant. He works with oil-on-canvas, taking about three months to complete the two pieces that he works on at a time. His goal with his painting is to manufacture beauty; to create "...a beautiful painting, of a beautiful thing..."

Update: Thanks to kthejoker for noting that Doc Hammer also does some animation for "The Venture Bros."; he designed the introduction sequence, and occassionally does some digital modification in post-production.


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