The second studio album from New Age Psychedelic Rock group Ozric Tentacles. It was also the first Album to be released on the Band's own label, Dovetail. Released in 1990, it is a great example of musical craftsmanship, flutes, wind chimes and cowbells are blended seamlessly with Synthesizers and Electric Guitars. Indeed, every track seems to have moments of brilliance, from Eternal Wheel's memorable riff to A Gift of Wings' Spaced out solos.

Although it is far from a conceptual work, Erpland does seem to have an overriding theme, it's music seems to be a collection of different ethnic musical styles. This is best highlighted in Toltec Spring's South American drum beat and pipes, and the Middle Eastern flavourings of Mysticum Arabicola. The album is also notable in that the penultimate track contains actual words that are sung. This makes Isence the Ozric's first and only song to date.

Track Listings.

  1. Eternal Wheel. 8:20
  2. Toltec Spring. 3:03
  3. Tidal Convergence.7:14
  4. Sunscape. 4:02
  5. Mysticum Arabicola. 9:14
  6. Crackerblocks. 5:40
  7. The Throbbe. 6:21
  8. Erpland. 5:32
  9. Valley Of A Thousand Thoughts. 6:32
  10. Snakepit. 3:17
  11. Isence. 4:37
  12. A Gift Of Wings. 9:47

"If there is one album out of the vast Ozric back catalogue that an Ozric aficionado would recommend a novice should buy, Erpland is the one." - Simon Eddie Baker, Erpland Sleeve notes.


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