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Euskelosaurus browni is the main species of an early, four-legged herbivorous dinosaur, of the family Plateosauridae. The name means Good Leg Lizard.

It was a bulky animal, with a long slender neck and tail, reaching an overall length of about 9 meters.

It lived during the late Triassic period, about 220 million years ago, so you won't see it in any movies.

Like most Prosauropods of the time, it appears to have been able to walk on all four legs, or to move along on its hind legs only, as circumstances demanded. It was also a plentiful beast, as numerous specimens have been unearthed all over South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Two classified sub-species have been described:

Euskelosaurus africanus was similar in most respects but a bit smaller than browni.
Euskelosaurus fortis had a slightly different pubic bone and femur compared to browni.

It was first described in 1866, by a friend of Charles Darwin named Thomas Huxley.

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