The thing about her is, she's not conventionally pretty. But she's gorgeous. I know you wouldn't believe me from looking at her--she'll never win a prize in a beauty contest or even be approached in a bar for drinks. But she's gorgeous. On the inside. I met her last week on the Internet and I have to tell you--amazing. She's amazing. I can't wait to meet her.

When I told her I thought I was falling for her, she just laughed it off. What confidence! It's like she's completely unaffected by anything I might tell her. And when I whispered into the phone that I wanted her, had to have her, she just sighed as if it was good news and bad news at the same time. Like I said--completely unaffected.

I can't believe this girl is single. I can't believe someone that funny, that witty, that fucking SMART is still single!! Sorry, I'm just so excited. She likes all the same music I do, enjoys all the same movies, and she does the cutest thing when she's tired. Every song I've ever heard is about her, and suddenly life has meaning. She's just... I mean, she's incredible. Wow this is really something; I've never felt like this before.

She has the sexiest voice I've ever heard. It's innocent and sweet but it's also womanly and sensual at just the right moments. And the way she breathes is just... you'd swear you were connected to the most powerful tool in the universe, just listening to her lungs work. She sounds like harmony. I know you think it must be crazy, but I'm in love.

Except she doesn't call it love. She calls it a flu of some sort and promises that if I wait two weeks, I'll get over her. Two weeks? I've already known her for three. And before you say anything about how short a time that is, you need to understand that this is really something and that we've been almost inseparable since we met. Online that is. We've never met in person. Not yet, anyway. We planned to see each other next week. She swears I'll be over her by then. Apparently she's been there before.

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