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Your voice in my ear whispering, sharing your thoughts and your wishes.

Quiet, hypnotic

"If I was there with you now, I would...."

My hands, touching where yours cannot, doing the things you describe. Drifting over my body as if they don't belong to me.

"I would stroke...
--- I stroke.

"I would rub..."
--- I rub.

"I would caress..."
--- I caress.

"Tell me how it feels, love."
--- And I tell you.

I tell you about heat.
I tell you about slickness.
I tell you about excitement and desire.
I tell you about each different sensation as it happens.

You murmur still,

"I'd touch here..."
"Slide my fingers there..."
"How does that feel?"

No words now to convey it, but you hear the feelings anyway, in the sounds that replace the words, and you speak on, coaxing, encouraging, urging, your tone insistent. And as I cry out, you are telling my how you adore me, how you want me, and how much my pleasure pleases you.

Your voice, my hands.
Your thoughts, my actions.
Your wish, my command.

I love you.

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