2018 May 8

10 minutes: Tuesday... with good weather...

The workers in their offices stared longingly outside their windows. The workers on the street spent a little extra time taking in the temperature and the sky. More people than usual were at the beach during the work day, and it steadily increased as evening came.

Families were walking along the sidewalk. Groups of friends gathered around firepits in the sand. Some were sunning themselves, or reading books on the grass.

Gulls landed near people with food, hoping to dash in quickly and grab a few pieces while they were still available and it was safe to do so. Dogs ran from place to place, sometimes into the water, some in the other direction.

The sun continued its march into the water as the hours passed and the shadows got longer. The temperature was falling. Many had left for dinner, only to be replaced by others wearing light jackets. The demographics slowly changed with the passing hours.

As the sun first dipped into the water, people stopped to look. Deeper it sank, changing the colors of the sky as it went. Eventually shadow engulfed everyone as it vanished.

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