2019 May 14

10 minutes: He punched him in the face

"That was too hard," he thought as soon as the punch landed. He felt his fingers crack. Damn, was it supposed to hurt that much?

His adversary staggered back but avoided collapse by falling on the table. "What the f..." His hand went to his nose. The punch had glanced off the left side but blood was already dripping.

Luke reached down next to the table. A wooden chair. A bit too heavy for a proper weapon but it would have to do. He gripped it close to its center of gravity to make it easier to swing, and launched himself towards his assailant.

"Crap," thought Matthew. "This is not what I came here for." He backed up a bit, making sure not to fall over the scattered furniture.

Luke took a swing. Matt tried to duck. The chair came down on his raised arm. While Luke was still recovering his balance, Matt had already decided his opponent wasn't going to get another chance.

Matt grabbed a fallen stool and flung it at his brother's feet. In the same motion, he swung around and ran out the door.

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