Node for the ages...node the ages!

Okay, so you may have noticed by now that some users, most notably myself and Gorgonzola, have spent a considerable amount of time and effort noding various years in world history here on E2. However, you may also have noticed that many years remain unnoded!

Writing these so-called "year nodes" has been one of the most fun and educational things I've done on this site, and I thought it would be fun to try to get a few other users involved, even if only for a writeup or two. We may never actually node every year in history (in fact, we almost certainly won't), but we will *definitely* get some interesting writeups out of it!

Now I realize that year nodes take a good amount of effort to write, so I am prepared to offer lavish rewards. Assuming it meets basic standards, each year noded from the 20th century will receive 300 GP, each year from the 19th century will receive 250 GP, each year from the 18th century will receive 200 GP, each year from the 17th century will receive 150 GP, and each year from the 16th century and earlier will receive 100 GP. There will also be a grand prize for the best node of the contest, as well as for the most "creative" node (which may end up being the same node...double bonus!!).

Be as creative as you like with formatting, but I at minimum I would like to see each node indicate somewhere the major historical events of that year, as well as important people who were born and died in that year. What you consider a "major" event is up to you, as are which people you consider "important," but by no means should you exhaustively list everyone who was born in that year, for example, as I am mainly looking for interesting nodes, not exhaustive listings.

This also means you should not rely too heavily on Wikipedia, whose year entries tend to be random compilations of random people and events, completely ignoring important ones and focusing on unimportant ones, often with errors in dating. Consider yourself warned!

Also note that I will be particularly pleased with (and may reward with bonuses to) nodes that highlight the contributions or events of groups and places typically underrepresented in conventional history such as women, minorities, non-western nations, etc. In other words, listing every British earl and count who was born in 1631 may not be what I am looking for.

A great resource for writing year nodes is of course the E2 node "How I made the year nodes." Another good idea is to do a Google search for that year in Everything2 itself by entering "site:everything2 1631" and then making sure you link to those nodes/events - integrate the nodegel!

This quest begins instantly and runs until the last second, server time, of May 15, 2009. Please report all entries to me, and I will list them below, in reverse chronological order, by the year noded!

And.....GO TIME!

Years noded so far (go give them some lovin'):

  1. 1828, by Gorgonzola
  2. 1846, by Phaedo
  3. 1941, by Orange Julius - Best Node!
  4. 1950, by jessicaj - Most Creative!
  5. 1991, by Oburo

The following years have been claimed by users:

1957 by joer

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