You are finally engaged in some kind of project you have been waiting for for a lot of time. And then you simply panic.

The first stroke of the attack is when you start to thing “why am I doing this, if I could be so untroubled and tranquil with my old job?” Everything seems to complicate too much when your desires are fulfilled

Then you say to yourself: “I am not that good. I will not be able to do it.”

...but wait, this is what I wanted! this is it! Am I stupid? (yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssss says the coryphaeus)

If you’re lucky, those thoughts will come in a rapid succession. Little moments of panic are like peaks of processor occupancy (oh, that’s so geeky!), they can block you and crash you or you could survive if you can remove the offending thought from memory before the disaster occurs.

For sure, it’s funny to plan and to desire, but beware, your desires can be granted!

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