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These days, lots and lots of noders are seeing some serious action in school, known as exams.
Lots of people can't handle the pressure, and end up flunking allthough they know the stuff.
Here's a few tips about preparations, and how you can handle the situation, getting ready for an exam:

  • Don't panic-read! If you don't know the stuff the night before, learning it then is wasted time. If you feel like it, repeat the things you've already learnt, fresh it up a bit.

  • Stay calm! An exam is importaint, but if you focus to much on the importance, you'll freak out and screw up.

  • Don't underestimate yourself! You didn't get where you are now, by being stupid. You know this shit, just convince yourself that you do. Scan through the index of the book, notice the things you know, maybe refresh the stuff you're insecure about.

  • Relax! You wont survive if you're hyped up on caffeine, neither the night before the exam, or during the actual exam. Coffee is good for waking up, but you don't get any sharper by loads of caffeine.

  • Don't drink! Being hungover wont help you, even if you know that a few drinks might calm you down.

  • Forget about the exam! It actually works, just don't think about the exam, having it in front of you like a looming black cloud wont help your situation.

  • Take your time! Get up early the exam day, have a good breakfast, make the day special, but not in a negative way. Your brain works better with some good fuel in the system.

    Try this, and you might actually survive the exam-day, it works for me!
    For the actual exam-day, see Fighting your stress during an exam

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