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The X-files

Excelsius Dei
Episode: 2X11
First aired:12/16/94
Written by: Paul Brown
Directed by: Stephen Surjik

In the Excelsius Dei convalescent home, a nurse, Michelle, claims to have been raped by an invisable attacker. She accuses on of the patients, 74 year old Hal Arden who laughs off the claim since he's so old.

After Mulder and Scully talk to hal, Hal's roommate, Stan, warns him to be more careful lest he ruin if for them all. He then takes a wierd pill and refuses to give Hal one. Soon afterward, Hal chokes to death, apparently from an invisable hand.

Mulder and Scully talk to a doctor who tells them that he his helping patients with Alzheimer's using an experimental drug.

They witness an orderly plummeting to his death after an unseeen power knocked him off. Stan is somehow, apparently, involved.

Dorothy, a patient, talks to the invisable figures, who we can see somewhat around Scully, who cannot see them.

Mulder finds mushrooms growing in an Asian orderly's room, as well as a missing orderly buried in the soil. Gung, the orderly, admits to giving patients the mushrooms for medicinal purposes and that something has gone very wrong and that the sould who died at the center continue to suffer.

Mulder and Michelle are locked in a bathroom which begins to flood with water. Stan goes into a seizure, Mulder finally breaks free, and the figures disappear.

Gung is fired and the treatment is discontinued and the patients lapse to a vegetative state.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Whatever tape you found in that VCR, it isn’t mine."
Scully -- "Good. Because I put it back in that drawer with all those other videos that aren’t yours."

Mulder -- "Are you saying that the building’s haunted? If you are, you’ve been working with me for too long, Scully."

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