Excuse me, may I blow your mind?

Yes. Yes you can. Yes yes yes. Please tell me things. I like your words and here is a notebook, please fill it for me. Here is a pen, here is my e-mail address. Here are pictures and here are memories. Please tell me what you think. Please tell me everything.

If I sent you a notebook, would you fill it for me?

I have become a people whore. I am greedy, I want to know about everyone and all of humanity. I want a small documentation of the worlds of difference we carry around in ourselves, limited by skin. Do you know how many secrets die? I want to keep track of this. I want to document your thoughts. You do it for me.

I would like to get every human to the coffee shop, one at a time.

Please would you start now. Here is a chair and here is my head, tilted inquisitively. Here I am, ready to be taken aback by everything life has to offer. Please would you be everything you are, just yourself in entirety, quirks and jerks and you. Be respectful but blow my mind. I will take one ticket please to whatever you have to say please keep talking.

Please tell me everything, I do not expect to understand but I am hungry and would you blow my mind?

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