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The Executive Schedule (EX) is the pay scale for the most high-ranking members of the executive branch of the federal government of the United States of America. It applies to anyone who is nominated by the president of the United States of America and confirmed by the Senate: as of 2003, 220 people. Executives not subject to Senate approval are paid according to the Senior Executive Service (ES), and civil servants are paid according to the General Schedule (GS).

There are five levels on the Executive Schedule:

  1. The seventeen secretaries of Bush's cabinet make $161,200 a year.

  2. The fifteen deputy secretaries make $145,100 a year.

  3. The fifty-one undersecretaries, presidential advisors, and major agency administrators make $133,700 a year.

  4. The 128 assistant secretaries, deputy undersecretaries, and general counsels make $125,700 a year.

  5. Nine commissioners, directors, and deputy assistant secretaries make $117,600 a year.
The EX system was significantly downsized by the Bush administration: during the Clinton administration, it paid nearly five hundred people.

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