A fairly good American cartoon that aired in the early or mid-nineties and was of interest because it featured characterization, an ongoing plot, and resolution. It took place in a classical kind of space opera setting, and its storyline consisted of the battle between humans and Neo Sapiens.

To combat the more physically powerful Neo Sapiens, the human main characters fought in these suits called E-Frames that were somewhat similar to the 'mechs in Mechwarrior, only smaller and much less powerful.

I'm unsure of whether its end was planned or if the show was simply cancelled, however it did not end like so many tv shows by simply one day trailing off. Instead, its ending was no stupid, haphazard affair, but rather actually offered some closure. After it ended, it was exiled to tv show hell, in which networks like USA aired it at ungodly hours, and then it faded into the darkness.
To elaborate on the previous writeup, Exo squad was an Excellent American cartoon that aired from 1993 to 1995 in syndication. It could be found at odd times all over the country. In my area(Dayton OH) it aired on Sunday Morning.

The series was produced by Will Meugniot (http://www.willmeugniot.com) who is a big fan of anime. In this series he wanted to emulate a giant robot anime (see Mobile Suit Gundam or Macross), and IMHO he succeded wonderfully. The series was better than many anime of that genre (see Gundam Wing). Another interesting note is that the Voice casting was done by the Ocean Group, a company that dubbs a lot of anime.

Unfortunately, despite good writing, the series probably didn't satisfy the toy companies and it was canned. The good news is you can download episodes from a great fan site:

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