The first time I ever personally heard this term was in the movie Deep Impact, referring to an impending impact by a large comet. Comets and asteroids could destroy all life on earth, including cockroaches if they were large enough. A fair sized one is hypothesized to have killed off the dinosaurs (though recent discoveries suggest the extinction had already begun).

Extinction Level Event (The Final World Front) is the 1998 album from Busta Rhymes which features such guests as Janet Jackson and Ozzy Osbourne. It's a concept album in which the end of the world is dealt with. Interesting idea, and one of my favorite rap/hip-hop records.

Track list:

1. Intro: There's Only One Year Left!!!
2. Everybody Rise (Camon/Lamb/Smith)
3. Where We Are About to Take It (Lamb/Sloan/Smith)
4. Extinction Level Event (Lamb/Leander/Seago/Sloan/Smith)
5. Tear da Roof Off (Dean/Smith)
6. Against All Odds (Fisher/Jamal/Jones/Lewis/McNair/Notise/Smith)
7. Just Give It to Me Raw (Dean/Smith)
8. Do It to Death (Smith/Stinson)
9. Keepin' It Tight (Colon/Dibango/Smith/Smith)
10. Gimme Some More (Smith/Spivey)
11. Iz They Wildin Wit Us & Gettin Rowdy Wit Us (Allamby/Dickerson/Mystikal/Smith)
12. Party Is Goin' on over Here (Smith/Spivey)
13. Do the Bus a Bus (Simmons/Smith/Smith/Spicer/Spivey)
14. Take It Off (Browder/Darrel/Evens/Smith)
15. What's It Gonna Be (w/ Janet Jackson(Allamby/Roberson/Smith)
16. Hot SH** Makin' Ya Bounce (Angellettie/Brian/Mitchel/Myrick/Randel/Smith)
17. What the F*** You Want!! (Kirkland/Lordan/Smith)
18. This Means War!! (Anderson/Geezer Butler/Conoscenti/Tommy Iommi/McLeer/Meyer/Osbourne/Smith/Bill Ward)
19. Outro: The Burial Song (Smith/Spivey)

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