A file included in an archive (frequently a compressed one in the .ZIP, .ARJ or .RAR formats) describing the contents of the archive - what the program is/does, who made it, who (which 0-3 day wareZ group) brought it ("couriered" it) to you...

A staple on BBSes with file areas, especially Forum hacks.

The file_id.diz was not just a warez thing, for a while even shareware was distributed with these files. The death of BBSs brought on by the internet has done away with that; today, the majority of .diz writers are in the underground (trackers,demo coders ,warez pups...) and hold on to them for tradition's sake. (and in some geographical regions, there are local scenes that can actually support an 'underground' BBS). If you ever find yourself needing to write a .diz one thing to keep in mind is that in the original MajorBBS specs, you could only have 44 characters. Any more than 44 characters, and characters would be lost. Pay Attention: _44_ characters. Thank you.

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