All the nodes, writeups, users, groups, etc. in the E1 or E2 database are available via node_id. Using this in the URL can help in accessing weirdly titled writeups.

For example, try getting to the true " node (the one in which my writeup starts with "This is a double quote.", not "This is a bad node!"). Really a pain, huh? Try going to instead. Boom. You're there.

Of course, some things are only viewable and changable through direct modifications to the database tables.

An E2 Search with "ignore exact" for keyword Everything will give you a truncated list of all nodes by node_id. This is because E2 search filters out the keyword Everything and hence matches all nodes, then list the nodes by order of node_ids.

From that list, it seems the smallest publicly accessible node_id is 101, and most other regular node_ids are from 10158 and above.

However, secret nodes shows there are more interesting secret nodes below node_id 101 and up to node_id 10158.

Also, a search for superdocs via Everything Document Directory indicates that E2 reserves the 3 digits node_ids for important nodes.

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