Rising Star - Elseworlds

From: CINCFEDFLT under auspices of Human Continuity Directorate
To: AS Yggdrasil

Section 1.
1) This message constitutes a deployment execution order under scenario FINAL ZENITH/ALEPH NULL.
2) Alpha site compromised.
3) Bravo site compromised.
4) Charlie site compromised.
5) Contingency COREWARD FLIGHT is in effect.
6) Under scenario FINAL ZENITH/ALEPH NULL, primary concern is continuity of the human species and civilization. All other concerns, regardless of treaty, statute or agreement, are to be considered secondary.
7) Upon receipt, Yggdrasil is to proceed via maximum acceleration brachistochrone to Gas Miner Enitodes in the Hawking's Star system. Thereafter, proceed via most efficient FTL jumpline to Geminga system and take on bunkerage from Seclundi fueling depot Nyrath.
8) Find attached best available intelligence concerning FTL jumplines coreward and trailing, avoiding the territorial volume of the Deimar Many. Yggdrasil is to proceed via most expeditious route in furtherance of Contingency COREWARD FLIGHT. Secure, by any means rational and in keeping with primary directive, information concerning FTL jumplines or natural wormholes proceeding to COREWARD FLIGHT destinations. In the event of lack of FTL routes, authorization is granted to proceed by RAIR.
9) All relativistic restrictions are rescinded.
A) It is the unanimous opinion of the Astrophysical Consultancy that activating Special Propulsion Package ALCUBIERRE will, with probability in excess of 0.999, destroy Yggdrasil and any non-exotic matter in a 2 AU radius. Do not attempt unless destruction is otherwise certain.

Section 2.
1) Refer to database files under codeword BRIGHT ANGEL using attached cryptographic key.
2) X-level threat confirmed.
3) Avoid all contact with vessels described therein.
4) Retreat via most expeditious means if approached by vessels meeting the description. Attempt no communications.
5) Take precautions against Class D memetic perversions.
6) Take precautions against Class 4 biological agent under codeword GRAY PLAGUE.
7) Fire only if fired upon.
8) If engaged by BRIGHT ANGEL threat vessels, deployment of special weapons package NOBLE WITCH is authorized.
9) Enact X-class threat protocols.
9a) Measure MALKUT: Authorized.
9b) Measure KETER: Authorized.
9c) Measure GOJIRA: Authorized.
9d) Measure TAU ZERO: Authorized.
9e) Measure GINNUNGAGAP: Authorized.
9f) Measure NOVIKOV: Authorized if and only if all other means have failed.

Section 3.
1) Proceed on mission without delay unless cancelled by duly authenticated message.
2) In the event that no heartbeat message is received by Q-comm for more than 48 standard hours, enact contingency SOVEREIGN. Normal requirements to first ascertain status of known polities are rescinded.

Contingency SOVEREIGN.
1) In the event described above, Yggdrasil is immediately released from all obligations under treaty and law to all known and postulated polities. It is to establish itself as a sovereign polity, authorized to speak for and represent the totality of humankind.
2) Any political structure deemed appropriate shall be enacted.

Final Directives.
1) In the event that destruction is certain, enact DIASPORA SEEDPOD.

Commander's remarks.
1) This is exactly what it looks like, gentlefolk. The war is over; we lost. Project BRIGHT ANGEL has failed. Barring, honestly, a miracle, it has failed utterly. I've already sent along dispatches to your sister ships. Noah and Skidbladnir have not reported in. With luck, they've initiated isolation protocols and are already en route. If not, our chances just got that much smaller. I won't lie, it is highly probable that everyone you have ever known will be dead or dying less than a meg from now. We will sell our lives dearly but in the end, it will make no difference. We are, and have always been, outclassed.
2) Your job, lest you forget, is to reestablish civilization. Failing that, your job is to fling a light into the future; to scream to the universe that we were here. I know you've trained for this your entire lives, and more - that's why the arks exist - but I would be remiss if I did not say it.
3) I know the protocols don't actually authorize this, but if you find anyone else, render what aid you can. But don't expect any in kind. Almost anything that could possibly make the slightest difference is already here, or at Mars. If you need any help, you'll have to seek out friendly aliens. You're going way the hell past the black line - none of us have more than the vaguest clue what might be out there. You've got the best information we have.
4) It's not proper, but what the hell. May the gods stand between you and harm in all the dark places you must walk. Light shine on you, Yggdrasil.
5) FADM Kaati Vuorinen, CINCFEDFLT, sends.

1) Signed, Caliph, Community of Believers.
2) Signed, President, Terran Republic.
3) Signed, Prime Minister, United Stellar Federation.
4) Signed, Chief Executive Officer, Solar Consortium.
5) Signed, His Majesty the King of the Argent Realm.
All cryptographic signatures confirmed authentic.

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