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One person can truly make a difference. If one person has a commitment and belief in their idea, they can succeed. They can overcome anything."

-- Wally "Famous" Amos

Wally Amos is most famous for his brand of chocolate chip cookies marketed under the name Famous Amos. Amos is an exceptionally good natured man whose positive attitude is almost as famous as the chocolate chip cookie company he founded.

Amos was born in Tallahasee, Florida, where he lived with his parents until he was 12. He moved to New York City where he lived with his aunt in Manhattan. He attended the Food Trades Vocational High School there, where he trained to be a cook. He dropped out in his senior year to serve in the United States Air Force from which he was honorably discharged, and later worked at the William Morris Talent Agency where he was an agent for several popular musical groups.

Amos is the author of five books, the latest of which was published in September of 2001 entitled The Cookie Never Crumbles, and it's filled with wisdom such as "[The saying "That's the way the cookie crumbles"] is supposed to make us feel better... [but] when a cookie breaks apart, you don't lose the cookie, you get lots of little cookies." The whole book is filled with uplifting witicisms and antecdotes, which relates Amos' joi d'vivre, and positive outlook, mostly told in cooking and baking terminology. His autobiography was published in 1983, called The Famous Amos Story: The Face that Launched a Thousand Chips.

Currently Amos is a motivational speaker and he has been the National Spokesman for Literacy Volunteers of America since 1979. Happily, he is also back to making cookies. Now based in Kaluha, Hawaii selling Uncle Noname Cookies (prounounced no-nah-may). He is no longer allowed to use the name "Famous" or "Amos", since he sold the rights to his name and face to the current owners of Famous Amos cookies. They sued him in 1991 when he came out with Wally Amos Presents treats.

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