I am watching explore highlights of Fat Bear Week.

There are only two more days this year. This is the final day of voting, to vote for the Fat Bear.

All week there have been photographs of the bears from spring and now in the fall. These are wild bears, brown bears, in Katmai, Alaska. They spend much time sitting in the river and opening their mouths to catch the spawning salmon swimming upstream. Imagine having to eat enough to survive for months without food and waking up famished.

Fat Bear week started in 2014 with the posting of two bears at the start and the end of the season, with successful weight gain. The history is interesting and here. One part of the site says "Fat Bear Week is a celebration of success and survival. It is a way to celebrate the resilience, adaptability and strength of Katmai’s brown bears."

There is a lot of stress and conflict in the world. The sound of the river and the cameras of the bears doing their bear things relax me. I barely watch movies any more and do not turn on a tv, but this week I watch the bears and sometimes just listen to the river.

There is an underwater camera as well and bear cubs.

It is very peaceful, though not for the salmon.

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