at night I walk down the no sidewalk road
past signs of electricity,
cars and their fan belts buzzing
angrily on their way to Roxton drive.

I want to take that road it winds up
like British Columbia and rain
so I walk through Christmas lights canopies
till I reach a black fence canyon--
parking lot? a wet driveway?
I take it and it is a path through
backyards and their houses
empty of few people so crowded
not reaching the edge of the city
only roads and paths

and a rabbit, which stops me,
should i empathize i ask?
and he turns to me and looks.
i hear the squeaking sound of someone coming,
i should move i think so he will not think
i am stalking him, so i move, but the person
was not close and the rabbit disappears.

the path goes furthur in loops and turns.
there is water and no way through but through,
and there are lights and others walking or
staying in their houses.

am I lost?
well no, and yes.
but I know I will keep walking on,
waiting for the dawn.

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