"This ain't no party! This ain't no disco!"

Yet the dance music tendencies came to the fore. The 3rd Talking Heads LP. Some songs sounded like More Songs... outtakes, subtly tweaked by a more hands-on Brian Eno - "Cities", "Mind", "Air". Others came out of left field: the faux-Africanisms of "I Zimbra"; the post-punk psychedelia of "Electricity" (aka "Drugs", FoM's "theme"), "Electric Guitar". The title: an ailment in which music induces anxiety attacks, IIRC

The band's third album, 'Fear Of Music', appeared in August 1979.

The first single from the album was 'Life During Wartime."

The follow-up was I Zimbra. The rest of the album took the sound and spirit of the first two LPs to its logical extremes, and track for track 'Fear Of Music' was as strong as anything the band have recorded, before or since. The simplicity of titles like 'Cities', 'Drugs', 'Air' and 'Electric Guitar' bore no relation to the complexity of Byrne's lyrics, which were as thought-provoking and intelligent as anything that Seventies rock had to offer.

Brian Eno co-produced the album.


1.I Zimbra
5.Life During Wartime
6.Memories Can't Wait
10.Electric Guitar

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