I'm driving through the countryside of a dream to a town that probably doesn't exist. So many details fill my eyes and ears, but that was on another night, and after a day's work, the dream has died. I cannot recall now what made it upon waking so urgent. Why do dreams make you feel like you've solved the Mysteries of the Universe and then fade, a short time later?

Dammit. I know I made it to town. I know I stayed with an old woman who somehow was N__. I know I passed days there, exploring the town, meeting a timewarped Goth Girl, taking part in local events that took me from my old life yet left me feeling connecting to something wondrous.

Then, for reasons that made sense in the dream-narrative, I had to leave and return. I stopped by a gas station and purchased fuel, snacks, and advice from the bloke behind the counter. The drive back went less well than the earlier part of the trip. Someone mistook me for Beavis or Butthead. Several people sporting implausible injuries (missing legs, torn arms) claimed I had hit them with my truck. They pursued me like the mob in Freaks, and I only narrowly made it back to my bed in time for the waking.

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