...while surfing the web. Yes, you will have to leave Everything. But just for a while.

Now you can feed people while searching the internet. www.goodsearch.com uses the Yahoo search engine, but for every search you do, they donate 1 cent to a charity of your choice. It doesn't sound like much, but with millions of people using it, it does add up.

FreeRice.com lets you donate rice to the United Nations World Food Programme, while playing a simple, but educational and addictive game. Is double plus good.

You can also to TheHungerSite.com You will see a big button called 'Give Free Food'. Click on it. At the top of the page you will see links to other pages dealing with giving small amounts of money to aid Breast Cancer research and the Rainforest.

And more:
http://www.TheNonProfits.com/ lists a ton of sites that allow you to donate for free by clicking on a button (and hopefully, a sponsor's ad). They seem to do a pretty good job of keeping their list of sites up to date.

Since I first posted this writeup, the number of sites allowing you to donate food for free has plummeted. This fad is passing. I will keep an eye out for any new opportunities that come up. But, you don't have to rely on these sites to feed the hungry! You can actually donate your hard-earned cash to help put food in their mouths.

You may wish to start with your local food bank. Many larger cities have web sites for their food banks, often allowing you to donate on-line. You may of course, decide to actually take the time to write out a check, or even (gasp!) go and volunteer to work in a food bank or soup kitchen. They need your help, and if you haven't any extra cash, your extra time can also be put to good use.

Further afield, Action Against Hunger is an excellent organization that provides disaster relief around the world. You can contact them through their web site, actionagainsthunger.org. They also provide education and aid in the areas of nutrition, agriculture, water and sanitation, and public health. Another good organization is ACCION International (www.accion.org), which provides microloans to help the unfortunate peoples of this world enter successfully into the wonderful system we call capitalism.

If you would like to research more organizations on your own, a great place to start is the aptly named www.charitynavigator.org, which gives you overviews and vital stats on thousands of charitable organizations. They have some very useful features, like checking to see what percent of a donation goes directly to the groups that need aid (rather than to administrative and fund raising costs).

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