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When driving down a highway in the pouring rain, stare into the window (only if you aren't driving!) and when lightning flashes and lights up the dark sky and the dark interior of your car, peer at your reflection. You might be surprised to see that those tears streaming from your eyes are camouflaged amongst nature's droplets.

Don't let this scare you!

...and don't try to stop it...

Whatever negative (at that time) emotion that you posses--be it hate, loneliness, fear, or depression--allow it to overflow within your soul and spew out around yourself and your surroundings.

...this is lovely, this is peace...

Gazing into that fogged-up piece of glass, you will discover that you have infinitely more inner power than you previously thought.

Test yourself--try to feel that pain as deeply as you possibly can. You don't have to keep looking into the window. Keep focused on your feelings, though. You want to feel.

Later on that day, back inside the comfy confines of your carpeted, 3-bedroom, middle-class house, pause to go look outside at the drizzling rain.

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