In the dystopian era of 2144, the stratification of the Managers from the Workers has produced an enormous divide in the economy, and almost all reasonable boundaries and taboos were silently but quickly broken. In order to provide the highly increased numbers with a non-cannibalistic solution, a team of engineers, in a flash of inspiration, invented the proletariatato, a delicious and nutritious way to keep the prole sufficiently sustained to provide the hundreds of man-hours per man-month we've come to expect!

The "proletato" is the latest in genetically engineered food, filled to the brim with protein, antioxidants, complex carbohydrates, anti-depressants, propanolol, tirelessness, spirituality, and retro-Stalinist-Leninist doctrine! Just one unit contains over one third of the recommended daily dosage of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin A, B6, C, D, E, niacin, potassium, zinc, plutonium, and the will to live. One serving per meal keeps them happy, healthy, and working. Makes great taters!

The proletato also is capable of growing and thriving in almost any climate, be it tropical, temperate, or tundra, geoponic or hydroponic. It even supports zero-gravity aeroponics, v3.4.6 or later! The actual growth and harvesting of the proletato, however, is wrought with danger. A known side-effect of improperly watered proletatoes is the rapid onset of asbestosis, persistent shortness of breath, and temporarily paralysis of the hands and fingers. Genetics researchers Price and Fisher have determined this to be an external factor, not inherent to the proletato, but later rescinded this assertion after a private settlement with the United States government.

International food distribution conglomerate McDonald's has since adopted the proletariatato as its Official Fries Potato. Afterwards, the demand for their proletato recipe fries became so great that McD shut down production of its single meat menu item, the McBurger, as well as all nutrient shakes, to serve only proletato fries. McBurger aficionados can still obtain McBurgers at 2050's-themed retro McDonald's restaurants, such as the Golden Arches in San Yorko, Texas.

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