Felix the cat!
The wonderful wonderful cat!
Whenever he is in a fix
He reaches into his bag of tricks!
Felix the cat!
The wonderful wonderful cat!
You'll laugh so hard your sides will ache!
Your heart will go pitter pat
Watching Felix!
The wonderful cat!

Felix had a number of friends, including the Professor and his assistant named Poindexter. He would say, "Poindexter! Poindexter! Where's my magic bag?" Some of Felix's many villians included Master Cylinder and Rock Bottom.

Felix the Cat was created by Otto Messmer, a cartoonist from New Jersey. Otto's assistant Joe Oriolo was also a regular participant in making Felix's adventures come alive for millions of fans everywhere. Felix's first appearance was in a short film called "Feline Follies" in the early 1900s. Felix's adventures were also published in comic books and over 250 newspapers throughout the world, thanks to the King Features Syndicate. He also made many appearances in movie theaters throughout the early part of the 20th century. Charles Lindbergh liked Felix so much that he chose Felix to be his mascot on his famous trans-Atlantic flight from America to France. A Felix the Cat doll was also the very first image ever broadcast over television airwaves. By the end of the 1950s, Felix the Cat had his own television show, which lasted over twenty years and is still seen in syndication in some parts of the world, and there's also a more recentseries called The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat. Felix has a full-length feature film which was made in the 1980s and could be seen occasionally on The Disney Channel through to the year 2001. He's also the star of at least three CD Rom projects. There are baby Felix cartoons, and Felix comic books are still being published by Harvey Comics.

Small correction:
Felix was not the first image to be sent by electrical signals. Philo T. Farnsworth, the true inventor of the television, sent the first all-electronic television image - a straight line - on September 7, 1927.
A very popular analog clock.

I speculate that every person in America has seen one of these. It's a clock in the belly of a cartoon black cat, with the tail swinging as the pendulum. The eyes (2 black slits), move left-to-right in sync with the tail. On the hour, it goes meow, but I'm not sure if that's on all clocks.

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