Oh, great. Something I uttered in chatterbox has been nodeshelled. Well, if you visit(ed) sensei's homenode, you'll see that his cat is taking over. ailie's cat looks suspicious as hell too. And Saige's--trust me, nothing can be as innocent as that cat looks. AND NOW there's Novalis' ominously-named Loki, and the lurking-behind-the-scenes Artemis. Causing nearly everybody on Everything2--even the few non-ailurophiles--to utter "AWWW!", they are using the power of KAWAII to lull us all into a false sense of complacency whilst they exercise their budding thumbs...what they're conspiring to is still beyond me, but it's certainly ominous. And if that doesn't convince you, check out all those links below. Be afraid. Be furry, furry afraid.


P. S. I now know why jamcracker is a subconsciously ominous word to some people. It's because they know it's the PASSWORD to the New Feline Order! Just look at jessicapierce's furball if you have any doubts.
I Don"T Know whast WInnterseeert is talkijng aboout. I Have nothing to dso witn anny c0onspirascy. She isd a noice girlb ut i ddon'ttt even haave a caaaat.] HEh hee!! SHe shoulds node {HEian eras] thingds.

< HOewver, sshee is probaby rtight saboout aiilies caat.

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