Once upon a midnight dreary,
As I pondered weak and weary,
O'er many a quaint and etale sort of cohomology,
While inducing representations,
I was led to deformations,
And the ramifications of modular forms in characteristic p.
So I struggled to break free.
Ah, discreetly I conjectured,
to myself alone I lectured,
As the virile bust of Fermat
wrought its ghost upon my floor,
Suddenly there came an insight,
that these flat group schemes were finite
And I represented functors never dreamed about before.
Then my soul began to soar.
"Taniyama!" I then shouted,
As the logic from me spouted,
"It all comes down to looking at the prime l equals 3!"
Modularity is the conclusion,
And the Frey curve an illusion,
So Fermat's equation cannot have nontrivial roots in Z!
Quoth the raven, "Q.E.D".

--Matt Baker

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