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High-calorie nutritional supplement for ferrets.

Ferrets need a lot of energy. If you've ever played with a ferret, or had one as a pet, you know how true that is. Ferret aficionados count on high-energy supplements for their furry friends to give them the calories and nutrients their little metabolisms require.

Ferretvite is molasses and malt based, sweet-smelling and apparently very pleasant-tasting. Every one of my pet ferrets has loved Ferretvite—they will, in fact, eat it straight from the tube ... leading to my nickname for it, 'ferret candy.'

Dietary supplements for ferrets are fortified with vitamins, amino acids, sugars and minerals to improve the nutritional value of foods. It should be noted that most commercial ferret foods are nutritionally adequate to be used without a supplement such as Ferretvite.

Ferretvite is nutritionally complete, and may be used as a prime source of nourishment for ferrets who are sick, recovering from illness or in need of weight gain. It also makes a great treat when trimming ferret nails, grooming or bathing the little characters.

There are several similar products on the market for ferrets, but this one seems to be the gold standard. I recently spoke with a ferret expert who was of the opinion that any other supplements on the market are inferior (she characterized many of them as copies of Ferretvite) and encouraged me to use this product exclusively.

While this sort of nutritional supplement is complete, it should not be used as a food substitute in the long-term. It may be used along with a high-quality ferret food. Care should be taken not to overdo it with treats or supplements.

Ferretvite is a registered trademark of Eight in One Pet. For more information about their products, see www.eightinonepet.com.

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