Waltzing down Court Street this fair evening - minding my own business and running errands my selective attention falls onto an object in my path...

Is that what I think it is? A nonchalant scoop while keeping stride proves the truth - and that little potential gem is stuffed into the pocket for later inspection.

This is a little like stumbling upon a dollar bill on the pavement - but a little not. I mean, hell... where's this potential lung full been? What sort of naughty things has it been doing to be left sad and forlorn on the side of the road so? Is dis shit laced? Would I mind what it's laced with?

Ugh. Too much mental effort and concern over a little bitty thing...

Inspection: Looks like pot. Sure smells like pot. Hell, it smells like good pot. Hmmm, what to do what to do...So, I gave it to my roommate: he smoked the eighth he found in the bathroom of a club, but he seems more hesitant about this.

Anyone wanna be a guinea pig?

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