Fine Young Cannibals were best known for the incredible vocal range of their singer, Roland Gift. He could do falsetto, deep bass notes and everything in between. This 80's band was formed in 1983 when former English Beat members Andy Cox and David Steele joined up with Roland Gift. You probably know this band for the single "She Drives Me Crazy", even if you are unaware of Gift's other talents and the bands British dance pop beginnings.

This band is fairly inactive today, as time went by Roland became more interested in acting than in music. He has appeared in a few movies and television specials, but never acheived nearly as much on the screen as he did in the studio.


Fine Young Cannibals
The Finest
She drives me crazy
The Flame-Metal Box
Crazy CDM
The Raw and the Remix
Good Thing
I'm Not the Man I Used to Be
The Rare and The Remixed
The Flame
The Finest - Sampler
Don't look back
Ever Fallen In Love
It's Ok
Don't Look Back
The Raw and The Cooked
I'm Not Satisfied

Self Titled Album

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