This is a short writeup on some of the stranger words used in the Finnish newspaper and magazine business. Updates will be forthcoming after I get my hands on Mediasanasto (a media-related dictionary).

jokapaikanhöylä (lit. 'smoothing plane for every place')
This word is used to refer to a general editor with no specific area of expertise.
kainalojuttu (lit. 'armpit story')
An armpit story is an independent news story, attached to another, covering the subject from another point of view.
kesäheinä (lit. 'summer hay')
An editor employed for the summer.
lehtineekeri (lit. 'newspaper negro')
Although 'neekeri' (negro) is no longer found in politically correct Finnish, the word still appears as part of the compound word 'lehtineekeri', which means 'editor'. The etymology is simple: editors were often smeared with black ink from freshly printed newspapers.
It's not considered an offensive word, although I imagine a black editor might take offence if he or she was called a newspaper negro.
linssilude (lit. 'lens bedbug')
Any person obsessed with getting photographed for newspapers or magazines.
mappi Ö (lit. 'folder Ö')
The trash can. Ö is the final letter in the Finnish alphabet.
rötössivu (lit. 'crime page')
The page(s) in a newspaper on which all crime-related news are collected.
uutisankka (lit. 'news duck')
A story which has been shown to be false. (This word is in general use.)


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