Firenze ~ 2010

Emma tells me to sit on the chair
and she will “explain me the David.”
I can’t concentrate, I am focused
on his marble penis, his testes,
his rippled, nippled pecs.
Then his rock hard stomach
brings my mind
whistling back to you.

You, in my bed that first morning.
You, inside of me, that sun-drenched morning.
The fractals of my orgasm painting the day.
You looking as if you would stay forever.
Me wanting you to.
Desiring you.

Our eyes,
the windows of our soul.
You gazing in amazement
through the mullioned panes
of this blue-eyed woman-child,
who wants so much to trust again.
yes I said yes I will Yes,” our mantra.

My bed, a sea of pillows
Gladly would I, could I, didn’t I
drown in the tsunami of your lust

And now on to Siena
and San Gimignano solo.

Arrivederla…mi amore

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