magical. incomparable. the reason you must get out of bed at some point.

as you sleep, your body strengthens itself. some of the damage is undone - your throat feels clearer, your lungs more powerful, your heart steadier, your limbs calmer.

you step out into the warm 2pm sunshine, let the tea-leaf smell of new tobacco fill your nostrils.. you light the cigarette, inhale, blow a perfect cloud of cottony smoke through your lips.

and you feel normal again.

If you smoke you will already know what im talking about, for those who dont, you may never understand the pleasure derived from this simple act. First you wake up and get dressed and ready etc... Then depending on how you do it, as with most things it is down too individual preferance. You have your first cigarette, i particularly enjoy doing this outside on nice cold fresh mornings. The cold morning air hits your face and wakes you up and as you take the first few drags on the cigarette, you feel the nicotine rushing around your system, a sort of heightened sense of awareness comes to you. You feel both wide awake but slightly detached from everything around you. It is a good time to contemplate the day that is ahead of you and straighten out any worrys you may have. The smoke swirls around you as you are the calmest it is possible to be, you notice maybe just a little bit more than you normaly would, how beautiful the shapes it makes are. Then it is over and you flick the butt away and watch as it flips in the air and comes too land on the dewey ground and slowly burn out.

One of the nicest mortal pleasures i have come across personaly. simple things, simple pleasures that make every day, just that little bit better.

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