once upon a time, when the world was green and golden, and my best friend and i were still under age...

i went up to Pentiction to go visit her. she was craving cigarettes after having broken up with her smokestack of a boyfriend, i was feeling a little low on the nicotine due to lack of second-hand skytrain station smoke. neither of us pursued the nasty habit ourselves.

it was a thursday night, cold, and in pentiction, there wasn't a lot to do. so we decided to find out which gas stations asked for i.d., and which would sell us smokes. not to smoke them, just to be able to buy them. to feel big.

after a few wimp-outs and several packages of gum bought, she mustered the courage to ask. and was denied. so it was my turn... i walked around the seven eleven for a bit, nervous and feeling silly... finally asked. the guy didn't even blink, he just handed them over... marlboros. icky.

we had done it. rebels. we'd bought cigarettes when we weren't supposed to be able to. so now what? we went to the lake, and together, we lost our cigarette virginity. we coughed and hacked like 12 year olds, after an eternity figuring out our childproof lighter.. i suppose we really were still children..

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