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In the beginning was Satan and his name was Satan
And Satan held the Word and by the Word Man gained flesh.
Satan brought the Word and the word was Not
And Eden sloughed away from the body of the Man,
Reduced to atoms.
Man beheld his nakedness for the first time
And he hid behind a tree in shame
And Satan acted surprised
When Man began to look about him with suspicion.
Now beneath the tree there also stood a woman.
Man beheld her singing and he walked around to find her.
The woman sang
Sing to Me! Me! Me!
Glorious am I!
Sing my wonders!
Adore me! Desire me!
The Man fell prostrate and he worshipped her.
And the woman sneered at this display
Though inwardly enjoying it.
Satan taught the two all about the plants and the animals,
The stars and the planets,
Numbers, order, and love for the other.
He taught them the voice in their heads
And how to systematize experience
And he taught them all that they shalt not.
The two looked upon the world and they wept.

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