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In Cybersix, the most numerous of Von Reichter's creations. They're massive lumbering things that have similar super-athletic abilities similar to Cybersix.

They look rather ape-like actually. They have massive arms, both in length and strength, which extend nearly down to their knees, while their legs are drastically too short and thin. They are amazingly strong and loyal, although I think the loyality extends mostly from their intense stupidity. In general they're fairly dumb, almost like 10 foot tall children, hense the name Fixed Idea; the only idea they can hold in their head is the one put their by their master, either Jose or Von Reichter.

Being rather stupid and clumbsy, they tend to provide a lot of the comic relief to the animated TV show, although I'm not sure if they're suppost to be as funny in the comic book by Carlos Meglia which is aimed for an older audience and contains more adult subject matter.

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