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The main character in an animated TV show and comic book of the same name. The comic is in Spanish(I believe, at least not English) and is written by Carlos Meglia, while the TV show, done by TMS & NOA (Sorry, I couldn't find the real meaning of those acronyms), is based around it, but animated differently and done in English.

Cybersix is a woman born un-naturally through genetic experiments, created by Von Reichter, a truly mad scientist who enjoys playing god. By day she works as a male school teacher named Adrian Seidelman, and by night fights the evil of Dr. Von Reichter, who, viewing Cybersix as an insubordinate failure, wishes to destroy her. Originally, Von Reichter created 5000 children in the Cyber series, each with amazing acrobatic abilities. When they wouldn't obey his commands, he considered them all failures, and had them all killed. Only Cybersix (the sixth creation in the Cyber series) escaped. She found a wrecked car, and a dead family inside. There was the body of a young boy nearly her age named Adrian Seidelman, so she carried it off and buried it, assuming his identity. The TV show (I'm not sure about the comic) takes place in Meridiana, moderately large coastal city.

Basically, to sum up the plot, the conflict is that she must drink sustenance, which is a green glowing chemical found in all Dr. Von Reichter's creations in order to stay alive, and so if she chooses to just leave town, she'll starve. She is in love with a fellow teacher, Lucas Amato, who is friends with her male alter-ego and doesn't know they're the same person. She is afraid to express her love because she doesn't believe herself to be human, and doesn't believe she can live a regular human life. Supporting Characters include:
    Data 7
      Cybersix's Sidekick, who was one of the 5000 Cyber-series creations. He was a close friend of Cybersix when they were young, and Dr. Von Reichter transplanted his brain into the body of a panther, to use as a weapon to destroy Cybersix, but Cybersix and Data 7 recognized each other as old friends and now fight side-by-side.

    Lucas Amato
      Cybersix's lover. The comic book has advanced considerable farther then the TV show, and Lucas and Cybersix have openly expressed their love, and I believe have a child, although I'm not certain, because I don't speak french. The TV show, containing only 13 episodes, has left their relationship very up in the air, but they're sure to get together eventually.

    Von Reichter
      The evil scientist who created Cybersix. He now wishes to destroy her, believing her to be a failure. He enjoys playing god, and has created a whole host of biologically engineered beings. Among these are Fixed Ideas and Technos.

      Jose is the "son" of Von Reichter. He was (I believe) cloned from Von Reichter, or at least created artificially. He has the body of a 10 or 12 year old child, but the mind of a sadistic but brilliant mad-man, and is quite completly insane.
Currently, there are 13 episodes, which are just being played over and over in re-runs, and there is no second season scheduled yet. It's shown on Teletoon and Fox, two fairly popular TV stations over here in Canada, and it consistantly ranks in the top 2 or 3 (usually 1st) on Teletoon's voting booth. The TV show has really nice animation, and I've read that it's far more expensive (I don't know why, it seems to have a higher frame rate or something), and that's the reason that a second season isn't being produced. I personally wouldn't mind if they switched over to more conventional animation if it ment a second season...

Differences between the Comic and the animated TV Show:
    The Animated TV show is fairly toned down compared to the Comic. A few examples include:
    • graphic nudity found in the comic and not in the TV show, as well as some differences in how the characters look. The most noticable is that in the comic Cybersix has considerable larger set-o-jubblies, and her costume shows of a lot more cleavage. Another toned down thing for TV.
    • the Comic is entirly black & white while the TV show is in color.
    • In the TV show, when ever one of Von Reichter's creations is killed, it disolves in a puff of smoke, leaving behind it's clothes and a glowing green vial of Sustenance, which Cybersix (and all Von Reichter's creations) need to survive. Cybersix then opens the vial and drinks it. In the comic it's a little more violent, but makes more sense then a glass vial appearing from inside a living creature; Cybersix bites the necks of Von Reichter's creations and sucks out the Sustenance a-la Vampires.
      All in all, the comic and the TV show are fairly different, but both good.

    Stay tuned, I'll post any more info I get, including whether or not there's going to be a second season. Also, check out the official Cybersix message board, used by pretty much everybody who's into Cybersix: http://pub18.ezboard.com/bcybersix

    A final Cybersix related thing that I know next to nothing about; apparently there was a movie, featuring real-people (A.K.A., Actors). You can check it out on Carlos Meglia's site at http://www.civila.com/argentina/comics/cybersix/

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