A rebroadcast of a television or radio program. A.k.a. a "repeat". Most commonly called, nowadays, an "encore", as if we had cheered rabidly to see Hercules burn the pot roast again.

Nickname of Fred Berry, a Los Angeles dancer, who, as a member of The Lockers (see: Toni Basil), helped popularize what became known as "popping" and "locking". Went on to acting, playing Rerun, a character in a sitcom called What's Happening, still playing, somewhere, on a UHF station. In reruns.

A character of the sitcom What's Happening. Rerun wears a red beret, suspenders, and khaki pants. He is often plagued with fat jokes and stupid jokes. He is possibly a ripoff of Fat Albert, who was much much fatter.

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