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Every day, I drove by the pond to and from school, to and from church, the grocery store. It always sat there, green, fermenting like an old Irish drink, that will just keep getting older (I sure as heck ain't going to be the first to take a sip!). It was built about three years ago, as an "improvement" by some office building's P.R. squad. The only thing it ever improved was the mosquito population, which grew as fast as the local suburbia.

And then one day I left early, to pick up some flowers. And there she was: slender, sleek, graceful as the devil. I stopped the car and got out. She was onto me though, and she spread her wings and flew away. Yes, I've seen the Blue Heron since, but that first time was magic. She had been there many times before, I've later discovered, but if you haven't seen it, it's new to you. Stop sometimes, there could be a Blue Heron out there for you.

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